Piri Safe approaches the issues scientifically, using the advantage of having knowledge of compliance with standards and regulations with the responsibility of a manufacturer specialized only in the Working at Height sector, in the training, auditing, inspection and consultancy services it provides.

Its main product range includes lifelines, seat belts, lanyards, positioning and area delimitation equipment, retractable fall arresters, rope mobile fall arresters, descent-ascent equipment, helmets, rescue, escape, evacuation equipment, pulleys, carabiners, which it produces and distributes. There are products such as anchors, static rope, bags, tool lanyards (material hangers) and roof light protection solutions for collective protection.

In addition, technical training such as International Rope Access, Working at Height, Scaffolding Installation, Slinger-Marker, Lifting Operations, Lifeline Installation, Closed Space Work, PPE Control and Inspection, Search and Rescue, as well as mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, caving, diving, paragliding. We also provide sports and corporate outdoor training needs, such as, at our PiriSafe Training Center or in fields with suitable conditions.

All other necessary components of the Adventure and Playground sector, especially personal protective equipment needs, as well as preliminary design, project design, specification, supply, installation and certification issues are also in our field of interest.

Our other areas of interest:

Consultancy: We offer working at height solutions for your National / International projects within the scope of EuropeanConsultancy: We offer working at height solutions for your National / International projects within the scope of European Commission Directives, Rope Access Procedures and Legal regulations.

Engineering:We create your project with 3D/2D design, prototype, static analysis, samples and static/dynamic tests to meet your needs such as platform, construction, anchorage, fasteners, sensor, motor, pneumatic and hydraulic systems related to working at height within the regulations.


Audit: We report Scaffolding, OHS, Working at Height, Lifeline structural and compliance inspections within the relevant Regulations and standards.