P Line H1(A)

Horizontal Lifeline (On Vehicle)

Pirisafe P Line H1(A) lifeline systemsolution to eliminate the risks of working at height in works such as repair, assembly, sampling, tarpaulin covering on vehicles such as buses, wagons, trucks, trailers and tankers, or in all types of filling areas. Since the fall distance is very short during on-vehicle work, the lifeline must make minimum deflection. For this reason, the construction’s pillars were optimized to be placed at an average of 12 meters apart

* It can be installed continuously between 5 m and 200 m.
* There is a special lifting system to prevent the guide rope of the retractable fall arrester from getting stuck in the vehicles passing below.
* A PPE cabinet with a warning sign and instructions for use is included in the system.
* Additionally, there are 2 reinforced protection bars in front of each anchor post.
* While the lifelines are made of 316 quality stainless steel, the construction components are hot-dip galvanized according to EN 1461 standards to provide corrosion protection.
Stair system
* In order to ensure safe transportation of personnel onto the vehicle, it can be manufactured in heights such as 3 meters, 3.6 meters and 4.10 meters in accordance with OHS and architectural rules/regulations
* Corrosion protection is provided by hot-dip galvanizing all components of the product according to EN 1461 standards. If desired, it can be produced in color with electrostatic powder paint.
* The access door from the platform on the stairs to the vehicle can be easily opened and closed by the user. It has a patented back-weighted balance system. When the door is opened, it also has 110 cm side railings. When the door closes, the railings also close.
P Line Horizontal Life Line
* It shows advanced corrosion resistance with its structure consisting entirely of non-welded components
* It has a lifetime (*) guarantee thanks to its superior technology (it does not contain non-metallic components).
* Thanks to the spring tensioning feature with indicator, your line is always in ideal tension and under control.
* Thanks to the connection terminal compatible with the facility grounding, accidents due to insulation defects are prevented.
* With NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, viewing the details of the product, tracking and inspection operations can be done quickly and simply via mobile phones.