P-Line H2

Horizontal Lifeline (Rotational)

P-Line Horizontal Lifeline has a lifetime (1) guarantee, thanks to its superior technology (not contain non-metallic components).
As a result of 15 years of industrial experience, design and R&D studies, high shock absorption capacity, exceptionally low anchorage loads, and deflection values have been achieved. Our lifeline, which has a capacity of 4 people, has also successfully completed the additional tests required to be used with a retractable fall arrester.
The ability to extend the distance between two anchors up to 20 meters brings ease and flexibility in project planning.
Smooth corner turns create comfortable mobility.
Fast and safe installation is ensured with minimal assembly tools required.
Thanks to the indicator spring tensioning feature, your line is always in ideal tension and under control.
Thanks to the door carriage, it is possible to enter and exit the line from any point.
Thanks to the connection terminal compatible with the facility grounding, accidents due to insulation defects are prevented.
With NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, viewing product details, tracking and inspection can be done quickly and simply via mobile phones.

(1) P-Line Lifelines have a lifetime guarantee if their periodic maintenance is performed regularly.